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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing helps your clients reach customers at exactly the right time—when they’re looking for information. Using a set of proven SEM strategies, WhiteOwl helps you add revenue by offering clients a PPC team that knows how to leverage search ads for specific results: more traffic, higher ROI, more quality leads, more revenue, or increased conversion rates. Our company constantly monitors, tests, tweaks and optimizes to achieve the outcomes your clients seek.

Take Aim at Search Marketing Metrics

With our successful search engine marketing services, your clients can lower cost per click without sacrificing their conversion rates. We’ll help improve lead volume across the most popular ad networks without making CPC unprofitably high.

We carefully track and continuously refine search engine marketing campaigns to ensure we‘re driving the best percentage of new leads and sales. Our certified remarketing experts track relevant metrics and gather keyword data so campaigns can be built with precision.

Our SEM services target multiple areas. For instance, we focus on extended sitelinks to move customers further into the conversion funnel, which might result in 2X – 3X conversions and up to a 25% decrease in CPA*.

Search Engine Marketing Takes Flight With WhiteOwl

01.Ad formatting for higher ad rank

02.Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads

03.Audience targeting and segmentation

04.Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) campaigns

05.Keyword tiering and management

06.Dynamic keyword insertion/dynamic search campaigns

07.A/B testing for sharper targeting

08.Landing page optimization

Add a search marketing company to your agency

That knows a thing or two about getting SEM results

Are search engine marketing services really necessary?

Absolutely! Without SEM, your elegant website underperforms. A brilliant site is worthless without eye-catching visibility. Using search marketing, you can target audiences based on their search intent, improving your SERP ranking, putting your site in front of more searchers. And search behavior gives you a precise indication of how close they are to completing your goal.

Why work with WhiteOwl?

WhiteOwl works closely with you to learn your processes and to adjust our processes for that perfect fit. Without ever sacrificing quality, we help your team to sell and manage digital marketing services.

How do you measure SEM results?

We concentrate on the following metrics:

  • Visitors, clicks, traffic, sessions
  • Ad spend
  • Conversions
  • Keyword diversity
  • Traffic referrals
  • Engagement
  • And more!

Why do you employ RLSA tactics?

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are beneficial for making bid adjustments on your ad groups, and setting up search ad groups that are only triggered by users on your remarketing list and who are searching with keywords you’re bidding on. This allows us to tailor search campaigns to target more qualified and valuable users who are already aware of your website.

Which ad targeting strategies do you use?

At WhiteOwl, we employ search engine strategies that focus on:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Contextual placement
  • Domaining
  • Mobile search
  • Video advertising
  • Pay per call

Why is remarketing important to search engine marketing?

Search engine remarketing allows you to re-engage cart abandoners, cross-sell products and services or re-engage previous customers with greater precision, driving higher conversion rates.

What is keyword “tiering”?

We categorize AdWords keywords into tiers based on historical results. As business needs change, we can turn tiers on and off to meet their goals. For example, if leads are more important than sales during a specific period, we turn on a few more tiers. If profitability is more important than sales volume, we turn off a few tiers.

We’re serious about tracking. If we’re focusing on leads, we track leads. If we’re optimizing for sales, we track sales volume. Seeking to drive higher ROI? We set our sights on revenue. Whichever metrics are important to your clients, we put maximum effort into improving those goals.

We also help ensure ad quality is high to secure the lowest bid cost possible. We know it’s not just the bid amount that earns impressions. Our search engine marketing experts stay on top of the latest SEM requirements, so you can provide clients with the most current strategies and best practices.

Launch your own dedicated, Google-certified AdWords team in a few short hours, supported by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certified trainers to ensure the most accurate data possible for your clients.

Lift Your Sites Skyward!

*Results vary. Figures represent estimated results only.

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