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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Make your websites more valuable with our white-label Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. Help your clients improve brand awareness, demonstrate expertise and engage with their customers without adding to your overhead. Our Social Media Marketing services create the buzz they need on the most popular platforms.

Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram • Google+ • Twitter

Drive More Visitors to Your Sites With Social Media Marketing

WhiteOwl starts with the first crucial step for success in SMM: planning. It’s important that we understand the goals and expectations your client has for its social media marketing activities. Then, we can better match those expectations to outcomes.

We help build the channels that have the most importance based on client objectives. Do they want to increase brand awareness? Drive higher sales volume or quality? Improve ROI? Or create a loyal fan base of followers? WhiteOwl’s social media experts look for the best opportunities to hit those goals.

SMM is about storytelling within a social media strategy. WhiteOwl helps create story themes and recommends specific media (text, video, images, etc.) that will achieve social media objectives. Brand loyalists love to follow a good story—and they will reward you. WhiteOwl can help share that story and measure how it impacts customers.

Our social media marketing services focus on:

  • building community
  • engagement
  • click-through traffic
  • attracting influencers
  • trending / high value audience behaviors

White-label Social Media Marketing Services Get Your Clients In The Conversation

01.Strategic analysis for audience, channel & posting optimization

02.Campaign planning for maximum engagement and conversion

03.Profile creation/update to improve visibility and brand recognition

04.Page optimization for best performance

05.Infrastructure and account set up to leverage relevant capabilities

06.Campaign tracking for better insights

More traffic, better customer loyalty, and higher sales for your clients

with social media expertise behind your websites

WhiteOwl stays on top of the latest social media trends and best practices. When a new social media channel looks promising,we explore it to see if there’s value. You don’t have to worry about keeping up to speed – we’ll do it for you!

Why is social media marketing important?

To stay competitive, brands need to be where their customers are. Over 75% of U.S. adults connect through social channels—with more than friends and family. You can help your clients reach more customers with WhiteOwl social media marketing services.

Why is outsourcing to a white-label social media marketing company better than building an in-house team?

You can create another income stream for your company without hassle or additional overhead.

Which social media marketing activities does WhiteOwl do?

Our focus is on setting your clients up for social media success before a single post goes out. As part of the process, WhiteOwl will:

  • research and advise on audience composition, engagement timing, best media mix for posting
  • explore and leverage the highest value channels and recommend post scheduling cadence
  • set up analytics and reporting structures that include activity measurement, audience behaviors, and campaign feedback and analysis

We can provide premium social media content writing-such as blog posts-as well. However, we DO NOT handle social media posting. Best practices recommend that posting be performed by in-house resources who are ‘closer to the action.’

How does WhiteOwl work with our web development/design agency?

We work with you as a white-label partner. This means you can position your brand as the social media marketing company that helps clients build a following; creating posts, sharing the brand story with followers and helping influence sales.

Which metrics does WhiteOwl focus on?

  • Clicks. We want to drive higher ‘micro’ conversions by getting followers to click through to landing pages.
  • Reach. We want social media posts to be in more user feeds so they have a chance to click through.
  • Engagement. Social channels are, after all, social, so we look to drive more interactions such as likes, comments and shares.

How does WhiteOwl drive influencer marketing through social channels?

We look for top influencers in the space, creating and curating stories that they are willing to share with their audiences. By amplifying stories through influencer channels, we help increase brand engagement, uncover audience needs, and build social conversations.

Why is audience analysis a key part to social media planning?

Understanding your clients’ audiences helps define the channels, devices, messaging, and media they prefer. We research audience size and behaviors using ad tools that reveal keywords, interests, and influencers. WhiteOwl looks to uncover value from social audiences.

WhiteOwl goes beyond simply getting more followers. We help your clients realize the value they have in their social audiences, then we go out and help them unlock that value!

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