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Brian Covert

Founder, Appian SEO

We started working with Travis and the WhiteOwl team in September of 2014. After discussing how we could take our existing business network and capitalize on services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we decided to work with WhiteOwl on a few small projects. Once we were fully oriented with the services and delivery methods used by WhiteOwl, and confident in our ability to go to market with WhiteOwl, we started working our network more aggressively and soon landed a very large project with Canada’s largest furniture chain. With WhiteOwl, we pitched and landed a research project for digital marketing: we conducted a Web Presence Gap Analysis for the company. This paid research report led to a very comprehensive strategy including SEO, SEM, CRO, content writing, local SEO, and reputation management. The client has 85 locations across Canada and a massive ecommerce website and generate over $1 Billion in annual revenue. The strategy was heavily oriented toward omni channel marketing, whereby we drove people into local stores to test the look and feel of big ticket items like couches and mattresses, and promoted less expensive products online through ecommerce or used cross-promotion and coupons to get online purchasers into stores where the client’s sales people could work their magic.

WhiteOwl handled delivery and worked closely with us on the account management side to ensure commiunications were sound. This was a complicated corporate situation with multiple departments and stakeholders, and WhiteOwl worked with us to tailor our messaging to various groups to effectively show results. We were able to gain market share online through SEO and SEM, beating IKEA and other top competitors at the local level in many cases. We also found opportunities through Conversion Rate Optimization to increase the conversion rate through experiments (A/B and multivariate) on the homepage, product pages, checkout, cart, etc. It’s through our close partnership with WhiteOwl that we were able to close and deliver such a comprehensive solution for this company.

Shannon Routley

Founder, Disbrand

I was first introduced to WhiteOwl while working at an agency. When I struck out on my own and started my own company, I did so knowing that I was going to work with WhiteOwl to provide my clients with SEO, SEM and content writing.

We’ve been partnered for about a year now, and have been getting fantastic results for my clients.

Clarence Chong

Marketing Manager, Campus Living Centers

Over the last four years, WhiteOwl has aided us in providing online marketing services, like SEO and SEM, to our clients. Further, WhiteOwl are now our go-to team for website maintenance and development.

Chris Fossenier

Partner, RocketInbound.com

WhiteOwl have been the PPC and SEO provider for several of our clients.